"The whole point of human-centered design is to tame complexity, to turn what would appear to be a complicated tool into one that fits the task, that is understandable, usable, enjoyable." - Don Norman



Generic executional strategies have led to monotonous solutions that even fail monotonously. They don't evaluate human behaviour at the level of their emotions. Every part of your work involves visible and invisible people. Hence, everything you do gets affected by multitudes of emotional intelligence. We understand humans at the level where collaborative emotions can change world economics. Repetitive solutions may succeed, but only in the short run. At nodes, we believe in tackling marathons. This beyond-analytical information drives Nodes to find a unique solution that not only benefits all holistically and organically, but also drives the organisation to a new level of creativity and innovation. At Nodes, we don't believe in joining the old weary dots, we believe in connecting the right Nodes through the right process. We believe in human centred innovation.

Process Map

Philosophy of the Nodes

Joining dots strategy is now irrelevant and outdated. Dots are the important milestones. But what joins these dots are Nodes. The journey and process of reaching the dots is precedes the idea of just dots. Our philosophy is not "joining the dots" it's "connecting the nodes." Nodes is the process followed towards reaching the strongest possible dot or destination. Doing something shouldn't start with an objective of the it's completion, but with the excitement of it's reasons, the empathy, the emotion and the understanding. Understand, Define, then create, then select, then prototype, then validate and then finally impact and maybe expand. Keep iterating and disrupting nodes that find new dots. Connect Nodes, Don't join the dots. At Nodes, we help you unlearn this philosophy and make a new philosophy of connecting nodes to generate creativity within your organisation. Result oriented deliverance is one way we have tried and failed, let's try a process oriented deliverance.