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Enhancing specially abled employment opportunities

"Physical Impairity comes with implications we can't imagine. It changes lifestyles, behaviour and even opportunities. There is huge necessity in India to help rebuild lifestyle for people with special abilities. Most of the corporates have reservation for this category, yet a most are unemployed. More importantly, slow technological updates results in the loss of jobs.
At DLabs, we worked with a large corporate to develop accessibility to job applications for the specially abled. After talking to NGOs and companies that hire specially abled employees, under various job categories we came across a number of limitations and regulations. Especially for the applicants, understanding that the environment is safe and employees are empathetic was really important. I went through several types of interfaces, that are specially developed for accessibility on the internet. After a challenging round of systems, we finally created a prototype that can engage and solve the problem of employment opportunities for specially abled."

Duration: 3 weeks Domain: Technology Client / Team: Multiple/Propel Labs