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Changing the cold nature of frozen meals

"A regular employee in a developed country like the US suffers from irregularity of meals, insufficient knowledge of ingredients from having to consume fast food, and negligence of personal liking and tolerances. This results in a stressful unhealthy body. We were presented with information from the existing research in Phoenix City of US. We used this research to formulate a network of logistics and information for a user to minimise stress and maximise comfort. The project started by understanding data and information from the previous studies done by specialists in the startup. After understanding wireframes, a journey map for the user was created to understand loopholes and stresspoints. The delivery app was equipped to select, personalize, order, pay and deliver three packed frozen meals a day for six days. It used a network of chefs from local restaurants and delivery services to deliver freshly frozen food, made to order. The app is currently in the prototyping stage."

Duration: 1 month Domain: Foodservice Client / Team: Foodservice Startup / Propel Labs