1. NBO - Next Billion Online
  2. Frozen Meals
  3. Teachers’ Motivation
  4. PFR/An Insignificant Man
  5. Employment For Ability
  6. Social Design Jam
  7. Corporate Illustrations
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How Internet usage in India be augmented to enage in content

"Next Billion Online was a collaboration project between Google and INK, in India in 2012-13. Me and a team of 15 multidisciplinary and multi-cultural young professionals, worked towards getting the Next Billion Indians Online. We followed a a modified HCD process for the design thinking project. Over the period of sixteen months, the project went from service design to product design. The product design was then taken over Lalitesh Kattragadda who was heading the project. We surveyed and experimented in all the types of audiences before finalizing a target audience. Post which we tried and used various campaigns and techniques to overcome the problems we pointed out, i.e. affordability, accessibility, availability and awareness. For each group we created a different visual language and performed experiments to see which can work. e have now come down to prototypes which can help us gain deeper insight into the engagement of people in information technology."

Duration: 1 year Domain: Technology Client / Team: Google + INKtalks / Google INK Ambassadors