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How we remotivated philanthropical applications

"Teach For India Fellowship has a rigorous two years of teaching in socially challenged parts of India. This is reason why the selection process is intense and strict. It is also a lengthy selection process with about 8 rounds. Understanding the struggle applicants face during the first interview rounds and group activities, most of them withdraw applications before getting results. Social empathy helps people realise their importance in a challenged environment and it increases their commitment levels. The idea began with talking to fellows about their stories. We found their stories so motivating, that it already became a part of the content. We used circulation of their stories during selection process, as the main concept. To engage maximum empathy, we chose the medium of video. Putting the message through kinetic typography, was a way to engage young participants with higher energy."

Duration: 2 weeks Domain: Education Client / Team: Teach For India / Teach For India